About US

Our Company

Athletes Equal Business is a privately owned company dedicated to coaching, counseling and placing highly talented student athletes into the corporate world. Working in harmony with educational institutions and America’s top companies, Athletes Equal Business helps student athletes make a smooth transition from the playing field, to their vocational field, and find rewarding employment. Why? Research has clearly shown that making the transition from college athletics to the “real world” is a difficult, frustrating and oftentimes painful experience for student athletes. The reason for this is, unlike most traditional students, athletes are focused on practicing and competing in their sport well into their senior year. This significantly reduces the time available to participate in career fairs, campus interviews and other programs designed to help them find gainful employment.

Our Goal

Athletes Equal Business was created to fill this void. Working alongside colleges athletic departments and career centers, Athletes Equal Business provides additional resources, direction and placement services to the student athlete. This dramatically helps to make their transition a positive and rewarding experience. Best of all, our programs are provided at no cost to both the university and the student athlete.

Career Coaches

We have talented career coaches across the country who are ready to help you now!